5 Most Common No Deposit Bonus Casino Myths - Busted!

Whether you’re an old hand when it comes to taking a flutter online or new to the online gambling space, chances are you’ve come across no-deposit bonuses, which are used as an incentive to encourage new customers to try a particular portal.

No-deposit bonuses are wonderful, in theory, as they provide an opportunity for players to try different online casinos and the games they offer without any risk. A big draw of no-deposit bonuses vis-a-vis other casino benefits is that they allow gamblers to win real money without risking their hard-earned cash.

You wouldn’t be to blame if you thought no-deposit bonuses sound a little too good to be true. A lot of people aren’t actually sure of how they work. As is the case with most things in life, there are benefits and disadvantages to using no-deposit bonuses. For this reason, we will attempt to debunk some of the most commonly held myths about these much-loved and sought after bonuses, to help you fully understand what you’re getting into before claiming such tempting offers.

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Myth #1 - These Bonuses Are An Easy Way To Win Without Any Commitment

A lot of people are mistaken in thinking a no-deposit bonus is a bit of a free meal ticket. Sure, you won’t risk any of your own money to use them, but the truth is they very rarely lead to massive profits for the player. Think about it, if a large number of people benefited from no deposit bonuses, the casino would essentially be hemorrhaging money. It makes no business sense.

To protect the casino from having to pay out too often, online casinos utilize wagering requirements which usually state that anything you win using a no deposit bonus requires you to have bet a certain amount of times. The exact requirements will depend on the casino you’re dealing with, so be sure to read the fine print carefully.

Myth #2 - Newer Casinos Offer More Bonuses

Many people seem to believe that newer casinos will give you more lucrative or exclusive bonuses as they need the customers more than established operators. This isn’t at all true. In reality, there are two types of wagering companies. Firstly, there are those that allow associates to bet against others and are essential ‘betting exchanges’. While they certainly seem like an attractive option, as the odds seem more favorable than traditional betting websites, this often just serves to distract the consumer. Then there are the more ‘conventional’ operators, who often have higher odds but also offer more bets. At the end of the day, there isn’t much in it. It really depends on the type of technique you plan to use and the type of site you’re more comfortable using.

Myth #3 – You’re More Likely To Win A Bonus At A Land-Based Casino

Some people are just comfortable with what they know, leading many to punt the myth that you’re more likely to win a bonus at a land-based casino, which is a misconception. In fact, you’ll find that online casinos have better payouts and bonuses than traditional ones. For example, online slots payout 3-10% more than slot machines at a casino. Moreover, you have access to a broader range of bonuses online. The reason payouts online are bigger is because the operating costs for online casinos are lower, since there are considerably no overheads’ spendings. Such savings can be used to improve customers’ user experience, and, more importantly offer ‘meatier’ bonuses to players.

Myth #4 - There Are Absolutely No Risks Involved

The appeal of no deposit bonuses is that they’re essentially a freeway to earning lots of cash without depositing any funds. This part is certainly true, but doesn’t mean there are no risks involved. While there may be no risk with the bonus itself, there may be some risk from the site. There are plenty of unlicensed ‘rogue’ casinos operating online, many of which have been blacklisted. These unregulated operators have the potential to scam clients or expose you to criminal elements, so be sure to do your research and engage with fully-licensed operators in the interests of online safety.

Myth #5 - You Get To Keep All Your Winnings When You Win

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of the fine print on a no deposit bonus is the cash-out limit. Many gamblers believe that if they’re able to meet the wagering limit on an eligible game, all the money in their bankroll will convert into real money that they can withdraw. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case. Casinos protect themselves from incurring significant losses by enforcing cash out limits which outline the restrictions of how much you can win using a bonus. If you take the time to read the terms, you’ll find that this figure is usually pretty low.

In short, no deposit bonuses remain a great way to engage with an online casino and try out new games before making any financial commitments. However, it’s extremely important to be realistic in your expectations and understand that these bonuses aren’t a means to win big. Reading the T&Cs is a surefire way to avoid disappointment and know what you’re signing up for. So, in conclusion: play smart and have fun!

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