also called “we”, “us”, “our”, or “website”, processes personal data about visitors, also called “you”, on your website. We take every precaution to ensure that the data is handled with care and follow each step mandated by law.

The Functions of this Policy

The function of the policy herein is to explain how, when, and why the website processes your personal information. The site provides crucial information about all your statutory rights. This policy does not seek to outweigh the terms of your existing contracts that we might have with you.

We’ve listed the contents of this Policy below to help you find the required sections. Navigate to a topic from the list below to learn more about each of the particulars.


Who Is in Charge of Monitoring the Data? is the Data Controller in charge of monitoring the data. As the Data Controller, the website decides the aim and procedure of processing your information. And while we’re in control of every data on our servers, certain information might be saved on third-party data centers.

In that case, such companies might have access to your data. However, every company that we share our users’ credentials with must follow the terms of our Privacy Policy and all government standards.

What Information Does the Website Process?

The website can process the following user information:

When and How Do We Process Your Data? gathers the above data when you browse the website, submit data via forms, and use our services.

We use the gathered data for the following purposes:

Who Has Access to Your Data? works with numerous third-party vendors to honour our commitments to you, carry out our daily business, and deliver a range of services. In that regard, our partner companies can access your information time and again.

Our analytics partners like Google and Hotiar process your data on their own accord as Data Controllers. Please refer to our Cookies Policy in Section 8 to determine how to prevent our analytics partners from accessing your data.

Data Processors and cloud services handle your data according to our instructions.

In situations where we’re forced to protect our interests or comply with the law, we will be compelled to share your personal information with the relevant authorities as deemed necessary without your prior consent. We might also have to buy, sell, or share the data with third parties if our assets or organization are acquired by another company.

How We Use Your Data for Direct Marketing?

The website uses your data to create custom promotional campaigns based on your browsing habits. We may use the information to send out direct marketing campaigns to you about our products and services. This can include subjects like online casinos, financial services, and sports betting.

The ads that we send out can be in the form of email or targeted online banners. In certain situations, we process your personal information based on legitimate interests that our business might have, as mentioned in Section 3. However, this will only be carried out with your explicit permission as required by the law.

You can refuse to grant permission for direct marketing campaigns anytime you choose. You can either contact our customer support team or opt-out using the form found in the direct marketing section of the website.

How Long Do We Store Your Data?

The website stores your data for as long as we need it to carry out our duties listed under Section 3. In certain cases, we might store your data for a certain tenure with specific functions in mind like accounting, tax, and legal purposes.

Our data retention policy covers all personal information that we store. If the information is no longer needed, we will store it anonymously or delete all records from our servers.

What are Your Rights?

You have several rights related to your data. Refer to the table below for a brief understanding of how to exercise those rights.

If you wish to exercise your rights, contact us at [BRAND EMAIL].

You can also reach out at the following address.


Upon your request, we can:

Data Rectification

You can ask us to rectify the inaccurate data that we have on you. We might ask you to verify the authenticity of the rectified information before the changes reflect on our servers.


You can ask us to delete your personal data in the following cases:

The website is not obliged to abide by user requests to delete personal information if processing your data is required for:

The website is exempted from erasing your data in certain situations. The two most common causes are listed above.


You can request data restriction (we can store but cannot use) in certain cases where:

We can keep using your data after a request for restriction has been raised in the following circumstances:


You can request us to share your details in a format that’s generally used and shared. You can also request us to share the information directly with a Direct Controller of your choice. But this applies only in circumstances where the processing is reliant only on your consent, or on an existing contract that we have with you, or we use automated methods for processing.


You can object to any data processing that we do for the explicit interests of the website. This applies to situations where you feel that your privacy and basic freedom are under threat or your interests take precedence over our benefits. We retain the right to prove that our interests are solid and if the arguments are sustained, our interests override your rights and freedom.

Supervisory Authority

You can file a complaint against us to any supervising authority about how we process, store, or use your data. However, we urge you to first take up any cause that you might have with us. If you’re dissatisfied with the result, you can exercise your right and approach a supervisory authority.

To provide our wide range of services effectively, the website uses cookies to identify user behaviour and recognize preferences.

What are Cookies?

It’s a technology that stores user information like files or data in small pixels called cookies when you visit a website from your computer or mobile device. This allows websites to store personally identifiable data like language, login, browsing history, font, size, etc. over a certain period. This helps you avoid resetting each of the credentials every time you visit the website.

By continuing to use our website you explicitly agree to our Cookies Policy. You can browse the website without using cookies. However, certain sections on the website might display errors and can result in slower navigation and other glitches.

In case you don’t want us to track your cookies, you can deactivate your browser’s cookie settings. You can remove all pre-existing cookies that are stored on your device. For additional information on how cookies work or how to delete them, visit But remember, deactivating cookies can severely restrict your interaction with the website and hamper functionality.

Types of Cookies uses cookies for several purposes. Certain types of cookies are required for technical purposes. They can be used and stored by us or our partners for a certain period. Cookies are primarily classified as necessary and unnecessary.

Necessary Cookies are the ones that we use strictly for the website to perform flawlessly. These cookies are automatically placed on your computer or browsing device unless specifically turned off from the browser’s settings.

Unnecessary cookies are the ones that aren’t mandatory for the smooth functioning of the website but are included to give you a seamless experience. These improve performance and usability. The website also uses cookies that track your usage patterns and behaviour. This helps us fine-tune our content according to your preferences.

Storage Duration

Not all cookies are stored indefinitely on our servers. Here’s a basic breakdown of the various tenures.

Session Cookies

These types of cookies are only required for the duration of your use and are hence called “session cookies”. The data is either erased or becomes invalid once the session ends. Session cookies are designed to store particular data when you’re browsing a website.

Permanent Cookies

Certain cookies are saved on your device for longer durations. These types of cookies help websites identify return visitors and load their preferred settings from the last session. Thus, eliminating the need for resetting the data and improving usability. For instance, returning visitors to our website can access pages quicker. However, permanent cookies are also deleted after a certain period.

Flow Cookies

These cookies are used by the website to connect with our internal servers. They are transferred to your device when you browse our website. Once you leave or the session ends, Flow Cookies are automatically deleted.

Cookie Providers

These are the most common types of cookies used on

Provider Cookies

These cookies are installed by our partners or us according to user specifications and requirements.

Third-Party Cookies

These are stored and used by other websites and organizations like web analytics tools, etc. Our partners may also use third-party cookies to integrate social media content like display advertisements and social plugins. To know more about Web Analytics Tools, please read the details below.

How Do We Use Cookies for Web Analytics and Outreach Management? uses Google Analytics, which is Google’s in-house Web Analytics service. Google Analytics uses cookies to identify how frequently each section of our website is used and identify user behaviour and browsing patterns. The information is then used to create user profiles, which help us enhance your experience.

Your preferences are stored on Google’s servers, which the company then uses to analyze how you interact with the website. Google also creates reports on internet usage and general activity. The company can share this data with partner organizations that process this data on its behalf, or with law enforcement agencies as and when required.

If you want to deactivate Google Analytics, use a browser extension to limit access.

You can download a browser add-on from the following link:

This add-on prevents Google Analytics from tracking your activity on the specific browser and device that was used to opt-out. You might have to resubmit the opt-out form if you delete the cookies on your device.

The most common cookies that we use are:

Google Analytics

Google places this cookie in your browser. This cookie allows us to track user movements and browsing patterns on our website. The collected information includes the time of visit, pages viewed, website visited before visiting our website, and history of previous visits.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook places this cookie in your browser. This allows our website to measure, create, and optimize the performance of advertising campaigns served on Facebook.


Hotjar places this cookie in your browser. It collects non-personal information and aims to improve the user experience by analyzing trends and diagnosing technical issues.

One Signal

One Signal places this cookie in your browser. This tells our website that you’ve subscribed to our push notifications. This cookie also allows us to deliver notifications customized for you.


VWO places this cookie in your browser. These cookies do not collect personal data and are in charge of identifying users. They might collect and store data locally using browser storage.


Unbounce places this cookie in your browser. This helps us create focussed landing pages to improve user experience. These cookies store non-personal information and are solely responsible for collecting data that help us improve your experience on the website.


Google AdWords enables Pay Per Click campaigns and might use cookies for personalized recommendations. Our online advertisers might also use Double Click for running campaigns on several advertising servers simultaneously.

This Privacy Policy does not cover the statute of limitations, including cookies and other tracking technology that our partner sites might use. You may enter third-party sites from but do so at your own risk. Our website is not responsible for your experience on a third-party website.

Every website has its own Privacy Policy, and viewers are advised to familiarize themselves with the particulars of every website before agreeing to use said site. We will not be held accountable for the policies of other websites. So, if you choose to follow a link to a third-party site, all risks that may arise from using such websites will be completely borne by you.

Use of Information

Apart from the reasons outlined in this Privacy Policy, we may also collect, store, and use your data for the following purposes:

Data Security and Retention needs to offer adequate security for both our services and user information. This means we follow the highest security protocols to maintain our security standards. We follow all industry standards and policies to avoid unauthorized access and use of personally-identifiable data. But despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to stop all unlawful attempts to exploit our security.

Unfortunately, data transfer over the internet isn’t a foolproof process. And despite our best efforts to maximize security, mishaps can occur. Every internet-based transaction that you carry out is done at your own risk. The website operates at a global level, which means that we may have to transfer your data across international borders. It’s important to know that we only deal with trusted parties who handle your data with extreme caution.

Additionally, the law of the land applies to international data transactions. Therefore, if our partner data centers are located outside Canada, the local safety protocols and regulations apply. takes every precaution to ensure that any anonymous data collected from you during use is processed, stored, and handled with extreme care. By continuing to use this website, you explicitly agree to these terms of use.

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