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Casino bonuses are one of the biggest motivations for players when they sign up for a new platform. Among the bunch, no deposit bonuses and free spin bonuses stand out. While most players are content with the initial bonuses that they receive, others try to maximise their winnings by hunting for bonuses. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How Bonus Hunting Changed Over the Years

In the early days of online gambling, bonuses were far easier to gather. New casinos offered massive perks with low wagering requirements to new payers as well as patrons. This made it easier for players to find lucrative offers, score profitable wins, and cash out without a fuss.

However, things are quite different today. Casinos employ several measures to ensure that players don’t win a massive amount using bonus offers. One of the most popular ways they do it is by issuing stringent wagering requirements that are difficult to meet.

Some of the other countermeasures that casinos use today are:

  1. Lowering the wagering requirements for games with a higher RTP.
  2. Banning all low-level risks.
  3. Increasing the playthrough requirements for isolated bonuses.

Ever since casinos placed such high countermeasures, bonus hunting became highly volatile. For instance, players need a bigger bankroll to make the most of the perks as you must invest huge amounts of time and money to zero in on the right slot. Aggressive gaming can lead to a severe losing streak, which is why you need a sizable bankroll to cushion the fall. However, there is still scope for bonus hunting. The most common perk is the no deposit bonus.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit bonus is a type of perk that casinos offer new players. As the name suggests, you don’t need a deposit to claim the bonus. The amount is credited to your account the moment you sign up. Hence, no deposit bonuses are extremely popular across the globe.

Online casinos extensively use no deposit bonuses to lure new players. The fact that players can utilise the bonus without investing is the biggest reason behind its popularity. However, not every online casino offers no deposit bonuses. Hence, you must keep a close eye out for the best deals.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

There are three primary types of no deposit bonuses that modern casinos use. These are:

No Deposit Cash/Casino Credits

As the name suggests, no deposit cash/casino credits are a cash/credit bonus that a casino offers every new player just for signing up. While the bonus amount isn’t massive, it makes up for it in practicality. Most casinos will generally credit the bonus to your account once the registration is complete. However, in other casinos, players have to raise a request and manually enter the bonus code.

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No Deposit Free Play

This is a specific bonus that isn’t available globally yet. It works similarly to no deposit bonuses but comes with a specific time limit. Players must spend the casino cash/credit within the deadline. The standard time allotted is usually 60 minutes. For instance, a casino can offer a $100 no deposit cash bonus that you must spend within the next hour.

No Deposit Free Spins

The second most popular no deposit bonus on the planet, players are awarded free spins just for signing up. You can use these free spins to play any game that you like. Most casinos generally offer between 10 and 30 free spins. These are usually credited to your account upon signing up.

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Benefits of Using a No Deposit Bonus

There are several benefits of using no deposit bonuses. We’ve listed the most common perks:

How to Use a No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit bonuses are easy to use. You just have to figure out how to claim them.

Follow these steps for reference:

  1. Sign up for a real money casino offering the bonus.
  2. Choose a username and password.
  3. Enter all the information that the casino requests.
  4. Complete the registration process and follow the link in your mailbox to claim your prize.
  5. In certain casinos where you must manually claim the bonus, send an email to the required address.
  6. Log into your casino account.
  7. Visit the Cashier section to activate the bonus.
  8. The bonus is ready to use.

There are several conditions to using a no deposit bonus. Make sure you’re familiar with the wagering requirements to withdraw your winnings without a hassle. There is usually a cap on the total amount that you can withdraw at a time. Certain casinos might also require players to make a qualifying deposit before being able to cash out. In such cases, no deposit bonuses aren’t exactly a free bonus. But it’s still better than spending the whole thing out of your pocket.


At the end of the day, bonus hunting is possible despite the stringent measures that are in place. No deposit bonuses are the best way forward as they allow you to have a great time while significantly boosting your chances of winning.

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