According to the marketing site Statista, the global online gaming market generated over $20 billion in revenues in 2020 and clocked up a 21.9% growth rate compared to the previous year.

With more and more US states jumping onto the iGaming bandwagon, and other countries regulating their own industries, we can expect to see even further impressive growth in the coming years.

It stands to reason that the iGaming industry makes for an attractive option when seeking a job or a career path. Who wouldn’t want to be part of an exciting and fast-growing industry with so many job opportunities?

Listed below are ten of the most in-demand jobs within the iGaming industry in 2022:

#1. Programmer


Programmers will use their knowledge in computer programming languages to compose lines of code in casino games to allow them to function. Codes are used to add movement to characters or to adjust the game speed, for example.

The main responsibility of the programmer is to make sure that the game looks and functions like a top-quality online casino game.

The job involves teamwork with others in the industry such as game developers and designers, to ensure that the end-product is just as envisioned.

#2. Game Tester


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Game testers play casino games before they are released into the industry and check that they function well, ie. a quality assurance-type position.

The game tester will identify bugs or other errors in the system and provide feedback to the developers and designers. They’ll also make sure that the game’s instructions are easy to follow and that the overall experience for the player is positive and entertaining.

#3. Running an iGaming Affiliate No Deposit Website


iGaming affiliate programs attract new and returning players and direct them to online casinos or other iGaming sites. They are then paid based on the number of clicks or leads that are generated to the gaming site.

Affiliates run websites where they list the best online casinos and provide links for players to access these sites. Some of the most popular online casinos offer no deposit bonuses to new players, where they get free casino money to try out the site. Many iGaming affiliates run websites specifically for no deposit casinos as they generate a lot of traffic.

#4. Marketing Manager


With so much competition in the iGaming world, it’s important that brands and products know which audiences to target and how to go about doing so.

Marketing managers’ main tasks involve creating and implementing campaigns which will drive traffic to the site or service. They’ll develop advertisements, oversee market research and lead marketing professional teams, all in line with the main objective – to showcase the best features of whatever they need to promote.

Sometimes a marketing manager will be responsible for setting up social events such as special launches or industry conventions in order to ‘get the word out there’ about the product they’re promoting.

#5. Customer Service Representative


Customer support teams form one of the most important elements of iGaming sites and companies. They are the ‘face’ of the product and most often the first line of interaction that customers have with the site.

Customer service staff deal with a wide range of queries from players, from complaints to questions. Their skill set requires patience, expertise and perseverance so that customers receive the best treatment.

An unhappy customer needs to be calmed and dealt with patiently. At the end of the day, the client needs to feel that he or she was taken seriously and that everything was done to ensure their satisfaction.

#6. Sportsbook Professional


Today’s sportsbook professionals are more than just sports enthusiasts who know how to price an event. They have built up an impressive skill set which involves promoting the most popular markets out there.

Sportsbook pros know how to manage projects and many times work with companies that want to maximize their potential by launching a sportsbook operation.

Sportsbooks professionals have an analytical mind and can work well under pressure, as many times they need to react fast to live events and sports book bonuses.

As important is the ability to build relationships with a wide range of people around them.

#7. Writer


When developing a new online casino game and, one of the most important elements is the storyline.

By working closely with the game’s developers, a writer will help develop a game’s narrative and create content which reflects it.

Writers will draft all the written content that appears in a game, including introductions, scripts between various characters, instructions, menu items and pay tables.

They will ensure that the content is easy to follow and interesting for the end user.

#8. Graphic Designer


The graphic designer takes an idea for a new online casino game and, using visual elements, produces templates that can be used by developers to turn the idea into a reality.

Depending on their responsibilities, graphic designers may have the job of creating the layout of a casino game’s map and developing characters.

Many times, graphic designers are involved in the marketing side of the industry. They’ll help create a game or company’s logo, so that they can be used for promotional purposes or for packaging.

#9. SEO Executive


Gaming sites and affiliate sites are always on the lookout to increase traffic, and one way to do so is to work closely with an SEO executive.

The executive formulates a plan that will increase traffic and page ranking.

The job is considered a good mix between marketing and IT.

The SEO executive has a skill set which includes great data skills, including knowledge of keyword research and Google analytics. They must also have good social skills, communication skills and analytical skills.

#10. Sales and Account Management


A sales and account manager’s job is to attract new players or customers ,and to retain them at the site by making sure that they receive regular information about new offers and are happy with the product overall.

Many of these positions are well-paid, especially when you consider bonuses and commissions that are awarded to top performers.

There is an increasing demand for managers in emerging iGaming markets such as Africa and Latin America.

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