Canada’s Most Popular Ice Cream Flavours

Everyone loves ice cream, but…Canadians REALLY love ice cream. From favourite flavours and toppings to the frequency with which we enjoy the cold, sweet treat, we surveyed Canadians to find out which provinces and territories eat the most ice cream and what they most often want to find in their ice cream bowls.

Key takeaways:

  • Canadians eat ice cream 5 times per month, on average
  • Alberta residents are the most ice-cream-obsessed
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough is the most popular ice cream flavour in Canada
  • Hot fudge is the #1 ice cream topping in Canada

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Is Canada’s Favourite Ice Cream Flavour

Chocolate chip cookie dough is a classic, so we aren’t surprised to see it top the list of the most beloved flavours in Canada. It’s the most popular flavour in five provinces: Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Is Canada’s Favourite Ice Cream Flavour

Mint chocolate chip is the second most popular flavour in the country, although it only scores highest in one province: Nova Scotia. Cookies and cream comes in third, and it is most popular in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

Are you as surprised as we are not to see maple walnut on the top-ten list? Seems like it would be a favourite in Canada…

As far as the least popular ice cream flavours, black cherry was the most hated of them all.

The following flavours also came in at the bottom of the list:

  • Coconut almond fudge
  • Cotton candy (why is this even a flavour?)
  • Pecan praline
  • Peppermint

Some Canadians Eat Ice Cream More Than 2x Per Week

Canadians sure are discerning when it comes to ice cream flavours, which begs the question: how often do our survey participants enjoy a bowl or cone? Probably more often than you think! The average Canadian has ice cream more than once per week.

Some Canadians Eat Ice Cream More Than 2x Per Week

That’s right: based on our survey, most Canadians eat ice cream five times per month! And residents in Alberta are the biggest ice cream lovers, eating ice cream a staggering NINE TIMES per month — that’s more than two times per week.

Residents in only four provinces eat ice cream less than once per week: Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, and Nova Scotia. And these residents still have ice cream three times a month, on average.

Canada’s Ice Cream Preferences

As far as how Canadians prefer to eat ice cream, the decision is — bad joke incoming — split, and that’s straight-up bananas. Just over half — 51% — of Canadians prefer to eat ice cream out of a bowl, while 49% like the danger and stress that come along with eating from a cone.

And what about toppings? Hot fudge is the most beloved ice cream topping in the country. That’s a little basic if you ask us.

Crushed Oreo cookies and cookie dough bits also topped the list. And with chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream being two of the most popular flavours, these toppings hardly seem more adventurous.

Wrapping Up: Does Canada Love Ice Cream TOO Much?

No, there’s no such thing. Although…Alberta residents eating ice cream more than twice per week does seem a little obsessive.

On the other hand, Canada ranks 13th in terms of resident happiness. We won’t say the frequency with which Canadians eat ice cream is to thank for that, but we also won’t NOT say that.


We surveyed 1,000 residents across Canada in June 2023 to ask about their favourite ice cream flavours and toppings, as well as the frequency with which they enjoyed a cup, bowl, or cone. The average age of the respondents was 34 years old. A little over half — 55% — were female, 43% were male, and 2% identified as non-binary or other.

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